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  • Ayubowan. Welcome. May you live a full life.

Welcome to Santani

Resort opening on 01 August 2016

San·ta·ni सन्तनि

Adj: Harmony, forming an uninterrupted line, prolonging, continuing, music. (Sanskrit) 


Santani is a place of relaxation, simplicity and serenity in nature. We offer the latest wellness innovations together with the deep-rooted Ayurvedic culture of our island, in an intelligently designed brand-new boutique resort nestled in the mountains of Sri Lanka.

We understand the demands of modern executive life and the need to thrive – professionally, financially, intellectually and emotionally in all the ways that make you you.

At Santani we offer you harmony – with nature, other people, physical activity, diet and nutrition and, ultimately, with yourself. You will enjoy a completely new kind of vacation focused on feeling good as well as giving back to society and the environment.

Santani is our sincere offer to you – come experience it for yourself.


Our Story

It had all started long before we became stressed out executives seeking the bliss of solitude, the gentle touch of a human hand releasing the toxins trapped between our shoulder blades, or the nourishing spirit of a morning hike in the Sri Lankan hills.


We had always wanted our lives to be fuller, to be mindful and healthy while trailblazing in our professional careers.


We sought wellbeing as a way to do it all and feel good. We found it and that’s what we’re offering at Santani.



Wellness 2.0

Consciousness is only possible through change; change is only possible through movement.

Aldous Huxley, The Art of Seeing

If Wellness 1.0 was all about the short-term relief of fatigue, Wellness 2.0 is all about having wellbeing in your life. Every day.


It is about intelligent design, individual nutritional needs and customised treatments.


It is about community immersion and celebrating humanity, not taking refuge in gated communities.


It is not about wasteful luxuries, off-the-peg solutions, cookie-cutter spa treatments and vegetarian prescriptions for all.


Enter a new paradigm of wellness.




“First we shape ours. Thereafter they shape us.”

– Winston Churchill


Dwelling spaces at Santani draw inspiration from 16th century, non-secular Tampita Vihara-style architecture.

These simple, rustic buildings allow you to feel greater connection to the Earth. They also preserve the natural soil and have a minimal effect on the land.

Houses mounted on monolithic pillars, with exposed columns within, achieve a balanced inside-outside feel, and offer a restful place to lay your head during your stay.

Timber-floor platforms and whitewashed wattle-and-daub walls provide the perfect backdrop to feelings of spiritual uplift, as you meditate or simply take in the scenery, the cool Kandy winds brushing over you from all directions.


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a resplendent island that will tingle your senses to their very tips. It is a land in which wellness resides in the heart of all things.
In Sri Lanka, we don’t say ‘hello’. We say ‘Ayubowan’, which means ‘good health and wellbeing’.With this greeting, we welcome you into the arms of wellness – to golden beaches, lush rainforests, fragrant, spicy cuisine and a passion for life that will leave you forever changed.

The point is, you can’t describe it. You just have to come here – and feel it.


Image courtesy: Dilshan De Silva

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This year’s openings include Sri Lanka’s first wellness resort—the 50-acre Santani (santani.lk), which is slated to debut in February in the Kandy

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